【Hiking Course Map】Mount Takao Trail No.1 & 4 – 高尾山1号路・4号路マップ

Tokyo Hiking Course Guide


Average Time: 3 hours
Distance: 7.5 km
Elevation: 599 m
Level: Beginner

About the Course – Mt. Takao

Mount Takao is located in Hachioji city in Tokyo. The place is very easy to access from the center of Tokyo. For example, it takes only one hour from Shinjuku station by train. Many people visit this mounatin all the year.
The mountain has a variety of features from touristic spots to mountain trails.
If you go to the mountain for the first time, I intorduce a model course for the first timers.
On the way to the top, the trail No.1 is recommended. It’s a main course and most hikers take this trail. There are many sightseeing places like temples, shrines, shops and restaurans on the course.
And on the way back, I recommend the trail No.4. It’s a short mountain trail. There is a suspension bridge in the middle of the course.
All the courses are not difficult, so from children to adults can enjoy a hike on the mountain.

Course Map

1. Takaosanguchi Station 高尾山口駅
2. Entrance of the Trail 山道入り口
3. Takaosan Cable Car Station 高尾山駅
4. Cafe & Shop Misuka 高尾山スミカ
5. The Oldest Cedar たこ杉
6. Joshin-mon Gate 浄心門
7. Otokozaka Slope 男坂
8. Gongen Tea Shop 権現茶屋
9. San-mon Gate 薬王院山門
10. Yakuoin Temple 薬王院本堂
11. Yakuoin Shrine 薬王院飯縄権現堂
12. The Summit of Mt. Takao 高尾山山頂
13. Observation Area 高尾山大見晴台
14. Entrance of No.4 Trail 4号路入り口
15. Suspension Bridge 吊り橋

Course Map (Google Map)

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