【Tokyo Walking Course】Sumida Riverside – 隅田川散策

Tokyo Walking Course Guide


Average Time: 1.5 hours
Distance: 3 km

About the Course – Asakusa Sumida Park

The course is along both sides of Sumida river. There are a big park and some temples on the east side of the river. After crossing Sakura bridge, you can see a fine view of the river from the promenade on the west side of it.

Course Map

1. Asakusa Station 浅草駅
2. Sumida Park 隅田公園
3. Ushima Shrine 牛嶋神社
4. Mimeguri Shrine 三囲神社
5. Sweets Shop 長命寺桜もち
6. Stone Monument 野口雨情歌碑
7. Sakura Bridge 桜橋
8. Sumida Park 隅田公園

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