【Tokyo Walking Course】Marunouchi Illumination – 丸の内イルミネーション

Tokyo Walking Course Guide


Average Time: 40 minutes
Distance: 2 km

About the Course – Marunouchi Illumination

The course starts from Otemachi station. It goes through Marunouchi-naka street to Hibiya Park.
In Christmas season, Marunouchi-naka street is decorated with illuminations, and German style Chistmas Market is held in Hibiya park.

Course Map

1. Exit A4 of Otemachi Station 大手町駅A4出口
2. Marunouchi Illumination 丸の内イルミネーション
3. Mitsubishi Museum Garden 三菱一号館庭園
4. Small Police Station 日比谷公園前交番
5. Entrance of Hibiya Park 日比谷門
6. Hibiya Park Fountain 日比谷公園噴水広場

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