【Tokyo Walking Course】Musashino Highland – 武蔵野散策

Tokyo Walking Course Guide


Average Time: 4 hours
Distance: 7.5 km

About the Course – Musashino Park

Musashino Highland lies west of central Tokyo. There is a huge park called Musashino Park. It’s one of the best places for picnic in Tokyo.
After the park, the course goes along Nogawa river. On the riverside, a farmer’s old house is preserved.
The goal is Jindai-ji Temple, where is popular as a sightseeing spot.

Course Map

1. Musashi-Koganei Station 武蔵小金井駅
2. Konzo-in Temple 金蔵院
3. Hakenomori Museum はけの森美術館
4. Koganei New Bridge 小金井新橋
5. Musashino Park 武蔵野公園
6. Nature Observation Center 自然観察センター
7. Nature Observation Garden 自然観察園
8. Osawa Farmer’s Old House 大沢の里古民家
9. Osawa Watermill Management House 大沢の里水車経営農家
10. Mitaka Water Wheel 三鷹の水車
11. Kiyomizu Bridge 清水橋
12. Village of Jizo 地蔵の里
13. Jindaiji Waterwheel Museum 深大寺水車館
14. Tourist Information Center 深大寺観光案内所
15. Jindai-ji Temple 深大寺
16. Jindaiji Bus Stop 深大寺バス停

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