【Tokyo Walking Course】Odawara Castle Park – 小田原散策

Tokyo Walking Course Guide


Average Time: 4 hours
Distance: 5 km

About the Course – Odawara City

Odawara city is called “Sakura City”. On many streets in the city cheery trees are planted and there are many scenic spots for Sakura view like Odawara Castle Park. Especially Shiroyama Park is popular among local people as a picnic site in the Sakura season.
Beside Sakura view, there are many historical sites around Odawara Castle Park. It’s a good place to explore Japanese history and culture.

Course Map

1. Odawara Station 小田原駅
2. Statue of Hojo Soun 北条早雲公像
3. Historical Site of the Castle Wall 八幡山古郭東曲輪
4. Shiroyama Park 城山公園
5. Seikantei Historical Cottage 清閑亭
6. Odawara Castle Park 小田原城址公園

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