【Tokyo Walking Course】Kiyosumi & Ryogoku – 清澄・両国散策

Tokyo Walking Course Guide


Average Time: 4 hours
Distance: 6.5 km

About the Course – Kiyosumi & Ryogoku

The course starts from Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station. Within a few minutes walk from the station there is the old Japanese-style garden called “Kiyosumi-Teien (Kiyosumi Garden)”. The garden was built in Edo era. There is a tea-house beside a big pond in the garden. You can cross the stepping stone path in the pond and see the fine view from the path.
After the garden, the course goes to Ryogoku area, where is famous for the Sumo stadium.
The course goes along Sumida river, and the goal is Asakusa station.

Course Map

1. Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station 清澄白河駅
2. Kiyosumi Garden 清澄庭園
3. Kiyosumi Park 清澄公園
4. Hamacho Park 浜町公園
5. Seishoko-ji Temple 清正公寺
6. Hamacho Station 浜町駅
7. Stone Monument 大高源五句碑
8. Eko-in Temple 回向院
9. Ryogoku Station 両国駅
10. Kyu-Yasuda Garden 旧安田庭園
11. Yokoamicho Park 横網町公園
12. Tokyo Metropolitan Memorial Hall 東京都慰霊堂
13. Great Kanto Earthquake Memorial Museum 復興記念館
14. Asakusa Station 浅草駅

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