【Tokyo Walking Course】Imperial Palace – 皇居

Tokyo Walking Course Guide


Average Time: 3 hours
Distance: 6 km

About the Course – Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the current residence of Japan’s Imperial Family. There used be Edo Castle in this site, but most buildings were burned out by fire, earthquakes and attacks during WW2. Now the east side of the place is a public park called “The Imperial Palace East Gardens”.
The Imperial Palace is surrounded by moats and stone walls and there are good pedestrian paths around it.
Marunouchi area is to the east of the palace. This area is a big business town and the center of the economy of Japan. In this area there are many fancy restaurants, cafes and shops.

Course Map

1. Takebashi Station 竹橋駅
2. Otemon Gate 大手門
3. Management Office of the Park 皇居東御苑管理事務所
4. Sannomaru Shozokan Museum 三の丸尚蔵館
5. Historical Electric Light 皇居正門石橋旧飾電燈
6. Ninomaru Garden 二の丸庭園
7. Suwa-no-Chaya Tea House 諏訪の茶屋
8. Site of the Edo Castle 江戸城跡
9. Site of the Castle Tower 天守台
10. Site of the Citadel of Edo Castle 本丸
11. Fujimi-Tamon Turret 富士見多門櫓
12. Site of Matsu Corridor 松の大廊下跡
13. Orchard 果樹古品種園
14. Fujimi Turret 富士見櫓
15. Observation Deck 白鳥濠展望台
16. Hyakunin Bansho Guardhouse 百人番所
17. Observation Area 二重橋前
18. Statue of Kusunoki Masashige 楠木正成像
19. Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum 三菱一号館美術館
20. Tokyo Station 東京駅

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