【Meeting Place】Kawagoe Station 川越駅待ち合わせ

Useful Meeting Place


The Meeting Place
・Tobu Tojo Line’s Ticket Gates of Kawagoe Station

How to get to the station
To get to Kawagoe station, you can take these lines below.
・Tobu Tojo Line
・(JR) Kawagoe Line

How to Get to the Meeting Place

From Tobu Tojo Line

There is a replica of Clock Tower in front of the ticket gates of Tobu Tojo line.
You can use it as a landmark.

・Picture of Tobu Tojo Line’s Ticket Gates

 ・Picture of the Replica of Clock Tower

From JR Kawagoe Line

If you take JR Kawagoe line, make a right after JR ticket gates and go to Tobu Tojo line’s gates.

・Picture of the Square of Tobu Tojo Line

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)


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