【Hiking Course Map】Akigawa Valley – 秋川渓谷ハイキングコース

Tokyo Hiking Course Guide


Average Time: 4 hours
Distance: 9 km
Level: Upper Beginner

About the Course – Akigawa Valley

Akigawa Valley is located in Akiruno city in western Tokyo.
This course goes along the riverside of Aki river. This place is famous for the view of autumn color and hot springs.
In the summer, a lot of people enjoy fishing and BBQ at the riverside.
The river is not suitable to swim, but you can enjoy yourself at the river with its clear and cold water!
The course is not difficult. It’s well-maintained and suits for beginners.

Course Map

1. Musashi-Itsukaichi Station 武蔵五日市駅
2. Akigawa Bridge River Park Barbecue Place 秋川橋河川公園
3. Ayumi Bridge あゆみ橋
4. Owada Bridge 小和田橋
5. Kotoku-ji Temple 広徳寺
6. Kagetsu Bridge 佳月橋
7. Kogon-ji Temple 光厳寺
8. Mishima Shrine 三島神社
9. Seotonoyu Hot Springs 瀬音の湯
10. Foot Bath 瀬音の湯 足湯
11. Ishibune Bridge 石舟橋
12. Jurigi Bus Stop 十里木バス停

Course Map (Google Map)


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