【Hiking Course Map】Nippara Street & Limestone Cave – 日原街道ハイキングコース

Tokyo Hiking Course Guide


Average Time: 3 hours
Distance: 5 km
Level: Beginner

About the Course – Nippara Limestone Cave

Nippara Limestone Cave is located in Okutama. It’s the largest limestone cave in Kanto area, which is 1270 meters long.
It used be a Buddhist training place, but now the inside of the cave is lit up and maintained as a sightseeing spot. Many tourists visit there throughout the year. You can walk around the whole cave in about 40 minutes.

To get to the cave, take a bus from Okutama station and get off at Higashi-Nippara bus stop. From the bus stop, take a 2km hiking course.
You can enjoy a mountain view and a countryside scenery on the hiking course.
The round trip distance including the cave is 5 km.

Course Map

1. Oku-Tama Station 奥多摩駅
2. Okutama Station No.1 Bus Stop 奥多摩駅バス停1番乗り場
3. Higashi-Nippara Bus Stop 東日原バス停
4. Nippara Forest Hall 日原森林館
5. Nippara Limestone Cave 日原鐘乳洞
6. Ichiishiyama Shrine 一石山神社
7. Nippara Shop 日原鐘乳洞売店

Course Map (Google Map)

【External Links】
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Bus Timetable – Higashi-Nippara Bus Stop


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