【Hiking Course Map】Mitake Valley – 御岳渓谷ハイキングコース

Tokyo Hiking Course Guide


Average Time: 2 hours
Distance: 6 km
Level: Beginner

About the Course – Mitake Valley

Mitake Valley is located in Ome city, where is the west side of Tokyo. Tama river runs in the valley and a walking trail goes along the side of the river. From the riverside you can see the fast flow of the river.
It’s an easy course. There are only a few ups and downs on the trail. On the course there are some museums and a sake brewery. If you have time, you should visit them.

Course Map

1. Ikusabata Station 軍畑駅
2. Entrance of the Trail 御岳渓谷入口
3. Kanzanji Temple 寒山寺
4. Sawanoi Seiryu Garden 澤乃井園
5. Mitake Small Bridge 御岳小橋
6. Gyokudo Museum 玉堂美術館
7. Mitake Valley 御岳渓谷
8. Mitake Museum 御岳美術館
9. Mitake Station 御嶽駅

Course Map (Google Map)


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