【Hiking Course Map】Mount Kobo – 弘法山ハイキングコース

Tokyo Hiking Course Guide


Average Time: 3 hours
Distance: 7.5 km
Elevation: 235 m
Level: Beginner

About the Course – Mt. Kobo

Mount Kobo (Kobo-yama) is located in Tanzawa mountain area of Kanagawa prefecture.
This course goes through 4 mountains, but these mountains are small and low. The highest point is only 235 meters high.

The place around the mountains are maintained as a park. There are a popular Sakura viewing spot, old temples and an observation tower in the park.
The goal is Tsurumaki-Onsen station. This area is famous for hot springs, so you can take a spa after the hike if you’d like.
The course is not difficult. It’s well-maintained and suits for beginners.

Course Map

  1. Hadano Station 秦野駅
  2. Hadano Clock Tower 秦野時計台
  3. Meitoku-ji Temple 命徳寺
  4. Entrance of Kobo-yama Park 弘法山公園入口
  5. Mt. Asama 浅間山
  6. Gongen-yama Observation Deck 権現山展望台
  7. Mt. Gongen 権現山
  8. Bell Tower 鐘楼
  9. Mt. Kobo 弘法山
  10. Taishi Hall 大師堂
  11. Mt. Agatsuma 吾妻山
  12. Kobo-no-Sato Hot Springs 弘法の里湯
  13. Tsurumaki-Onsen Station 鶴巻温泉駅

Course Map


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