Holiday Rapid Okutama – How to get to Okutama Station

How to get to Okutama Station

Okutama station (奥多摩駅) is also spelled as Oku-Tama station in English displays.

Take a train bound for Ome on Chuo Line, or change trains at Tachikawa station to Ome Line.
Okutama station is the last stop of Ome Line.

You can take “Holiday Rapid Okutama” train from Chuo Line on holidays and weekends. This rapid service train goes to Okutama station directly. No extra fee, and you don’t need to change trains.

The train is coupled with “Holiday Rapid Akigawa” and decoupled at Haijima station, so please make sure the direction. Don’t get a wrong car of the train!

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