【Tokyo Travel Map】Kawagoe Old Town – 川越

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Average Time: 6 hours
Distance: 6 km

About the Course – Kawagoe Old Town

Kawagoe city is located in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo. You can get there from central Tokyo in less than 1 hour by train. It’s a very popular sightseeing place among Tokyo locals.

The city is often called “Little Edo” after the old name of Tokyo because there are many historical buildings remained.
Old buildings for warehouses lined up in the main street “Kurazukuri Street” of the old town. You can enjoy the view of the street and shopping there.

This course suits for tourists who’d like to visit most main sightseeing spots in Kawagoe in a day. The course goes to many places, so you should start in the early morning.

Course Map

1. Kawagoe Station 川越駅
2. Kawagoe Tour Industrial Center 小江戸蔵里
3. Kawagoe Kumano Shrine 川越熊野神社
4. Taisho Roman Dream Street 大正浪漫夢通り
5. Yamazaki Museum 山崎美術館
6. Kawagoe Old Town 蔵造りの町並み
7. Choki-in Temple 長喜院
8. Hattori Folk Museum 服部民俗資料館
9. Historical Clock Tower 時の鐘
10. Kawagoe Kurazukuri Museum 蔵造り資料館
11. Ranzan Memorial Art Museum 蘭山記念美術館
12. Yoju-in Temple 養寿院
13. Candy Street 菓子屋横丁
14. Retro Goods Exhibition ちょっと昔暮らしの道具小屋
15. Kenryu-ji Temple 見立寺
16. Gyoden-ji Temple 行伝寺
17. Yamazaki Old House 旧山崎家別邸
18. Nagashima Historical House 永島家住宅(旧武家屋敷)
19. Hongyo-in Temple 成田山川越別院本行院
20. Kawagoe History Museum 川越歴史博物館
21. Kita-in Temple 喜多院
22. Kita-in Japanese-style House 喜多院書院
23. 500 Status of Rakan 五百羅漢像
24. Ukishima Inari Shrine 浮島稲荷神社
25. Kawagoe Castle Honmaru Palace 川越城本丸
26. Honmarugoten Bus Stop 本丸御殿バス停

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