A mountain or a hill? – Gion-yama 鎌倉祇園山

Hiking Event


Gion-yama (Gion Mountain) is located close to Kamakura station. It’s called a mountain, but it’s just a small hill, which is only 60 meters high.
This time we climbed “the mountain”. It took only 10 minutes to go to the top of the mountain. It’s very low, but we enjoyed the view of the city from the top of it!
We visited some temples and shrines around the mountain.
The hike was easy, but it was a good exercise and we felt refreshed in nature!





The Course We Took for This Event


Tokyo Hiking Course Guide 東京日帰り登山・コースマップ|鎌倉祇園山 Average Time: 3 hoursDistance: 4 kmElevation: 60 mLevel: Begin[…]

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